Monday, 2 February 2015

A Spank A Day Keeps the Boredom Away

We recently had the Dungeon Bar hired out for a private spanking party and after asking if I could pull a Louis Theroux and bagging myself a seat to stay and watch it got me thinking and I thought I would share some info, tips and ideas all about how, why and when I think we spank.

Glitter, spanking, shoes...these are a few of my favourite things.

HOW - 

Do your research!

Common methods include hand, paddles, floggers and canes. Lots of positions are used and work well for this, straight over the knee for that naughty school boy/girl feel or strapping them down on a spanking bench to increase the feelings of helplessness. Before you begin you should communicate fully with each other, soberly and honestly.

Examples of some things to talk about before you start could be:

*What sort of pain does the spankee like?
*How long can they usually endure?
*Are they looking to be pushed or just try it out?
*What do you both like about it or like about the idea of it?
*Do they mind being marked or like it?

Role play is always a fun way to incorporate spanking or, make a couple of little rules for a night out and have a few different spanking punishments if they are broken is a nice way to enter into it, get creative and have fun.

DON'T FORGET THE SAFE WORD - but even with the safe word the spanker should be on watch for body language cues as well as verbal...sometimes when someone is lost in play they may forget or get too lost to use their safe word...they may even feel like they can't say it for one reason or another. The best way to stop this is by communicating first and checking in during play. A great way to do this is to number their experience...get them to tell you at different points what level the pain is at. You want to start at a 1 and work your way up, making sure the bum is nice, pink and warm before you take it to the next level...aim to peak at 8/9 (but this is something you can discuss before hand) and work your way back down...soothing as you go.

The spankee may start experiencing sub space so after the play you need to focus on aftercare. I will be writing separate blog posts on both of these subjects but make sure you research them before you start your journey into BDSM. It's important to remember that sub drop may not just occur straight after the play but may hit a few days later so keep lines of communication open and be there for each other. Take care of any wounds, wobbles or worries.

Don't forget the after care!


Like with anything in life the reasons people like to spank and be spanked are wide and varied. From the physical (the blood flow to the pelvic floor and erogenous zones on and around the genitals and buttocks) the chemical (the natural pain killing and happy chemicals and adrenaline that our bodies dose us up with when experiencing pain) to the psychological (the eroticisation of trauma, the thrill of breaking taboos, the power of domination/submission or Freudian authoritarian lust, the lists go on and on and it was of no surprise to me that the spanking party consisted mainly of men in their 60s who had been spanked for punishment at school and home as a child and another reason why role play can be not only fun but also theraputic) it would be hard for me to explain each one in depth so I encourage you to do your own research.

Acting out past trauma in a controlled, safe and loving environment can be hugely therapeutic ever communication before hand is key and play it safe!


Spanking like most of BDSM practices (in my opinion) should be a game. Don't spank to repair a relationship or row, don't use it as a punishment for anything that has actually upset you or as a way to punish yourself. As always safe sane and consensual is a must!


I will go into some of these points in more detail in their own blog post, let me know what you love about spanking in the comments section...and yes, I did just learn how to embed gifs :D

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye x

Friday, 30 January 2015

In Brighton For Valentines?

The Big Brighton Valentines Drinking Game


Every time you see an extreme PDA (public display of affection)
1 finger

First things first come and meet me Kitten Skye at the Dungeon Bar so I can give you a pep talk and show you around the Dungeon!
-1 drink

Kick things into gear at Sugarkicks Battle of The Sexes, tell them I sent you.
-Vote for the girls 1 pint of fine Ale
-Vote for the boys 1 pink cocktail
-Catch 'em cheating do a shot and keep shtum you know what snitches get...

Grab yourself a bottle of wine and put on a show for the doggers on Devil Dyke.


Every time you pass a sex shop buy something naughty then

Every time you see a Burlesque performer running late (just follow the trail of glitter)
-1 finger

Go for a 'facial' at Bristol Gardens nudist swinging spa

Get a little spanking at Spank (anti) Valentines Ball at a secluded location fit for a harem with a sultry Turkish boudoir theme. Good friend and Dungeon Bar regular Mistress Velvet Rose will be there to whip you into shape.
-1 finger for every spank you get!

Take things a shade darker at Club Dark - if you think you're brave enough venture into hardcore play party Club Dark at Brighon Arts Club and tell them I sent you.
1 shot

Every time you see a lonely single
-Do a shot and offer them to join you...sharing is caring in this town ;)

Flash a policeman
Run...and do a shot!


Every time you see someone doing the walk of shame (Know the signs! Yesterdays make up, heels in hand, shifty eyes, McDonalds Egg McMuffin)
1 finger

Take a sexy selfie up high on the Brighton Wheel
1 shot

Pop in for a Bloody Mary on Sunday afternoon at the Dungeon Bar - we will be opening our doors for the first time ever on a Sunday on the 15th for everyone in town to come and have a Bloody Mary with us and tell us of your weekend heroics.

Everytime you bump into someone else playing the Brighton Valentines Drinking Game
Do a shot!

*Kitten Skye is not responsible for any arrests, break ups or hospital trips, please drink responsibly*

Don't miss my Brighton summer holiday drinking game which involves a lot more outdoor sex.

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Beautiful Taboo

Really excited to announce that new lingerie brand Beautiful Taboo will now be sponsoring me as Kitten Skye, as well as being the official sponsor for all Brighton Killing Kittens events and the Dungeon Bar.

Check out this incredibly steamy promotional video which promises us; Trouble, pleasure, titilation, intensity, empowerment, exquisiteness, sultriness and seduction all by Beautiful Taboo...warning this video is not suitable for work...cor blimey. *FANS SELF*

                                                TROUBLE from karen on Vimeo.

With their two ranges Bondage and PeekaTaboo they couldn't be a better fit for the two sides of Kitten Skye, on the one hand a Fetish vixen no stranger to the cool restraint of leather and on the other a playful nyph set to tease and entice you with peeks of what you want to see.

Who said I can't be a hardcore bondage princess Ballerina?

I can't wait to wear some of their incredibly seductive designs for my next two big parties the Official Launch of the Dungeon Bar and Kitten Skye's 25th Birthday on the 21st of February and the first ever Brighton Torture Kittens on the 21st March                      

Check out the rest of the teasingly tantalising Beautiful Taboo  PeekATaboo range here.

Check out the rest of the sultry and debauched Beautiful Taboo
 Bondage range here. 

There was also talk of making some designs in the colours Black and Purple to match The Dungeon Bar and me getting to test and review some of their LELO sex toys for you guys...Like this remote controlled couples vibrator...

Any volunteers to help me with the extensive and arduous task
of putting this baby to the test please apply within...

Make sure you are following both me and Beautiful Taboo on Twitter. Until next time I will leave you with this...Amen.

YUMMY and look at that mask, perfect for Killing Kittens. 

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye x

Monday, 19 January 2015

An ode to the Bizarre!

So a few days ago Bizarre magazine announced that after almost two decades of publications the next issue out in February will sadly be the last. It's immediate success after it's release in 1997 saw it peaking in 2000 with 120,000 sales but then declining to just 30,000 later that year. With multiple changing of hands it's been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least.

P.S: I stole that information of Wikipedia so seriously don't use it in an essay or anything...and if you're procrastinating by reading my blog?? Two thumbs up. 

The first cover of Bizarre magazine out April 1997.

Bizarre magazine has been a hub of all things weird and alternative for nearly two decades, it delved into subject matter other media hid under a carpet like an ever growing pile of gold it refused to acknowledge existed. - Insert politically charged anti-government analogy here. - The British magazine covered every subculture around from stories on Fetish, LGBQT, Gothic, Tatts and piercings, political problems and rights for all these minorities and some just downright gross and creepy stories - always my personal favourite of course, they created a wonderful community for all the self confessed weirdos around.

Daddy, I want (to be) a pony.

Although the magazine lost a lot of it's darker and most interesting content in recent years (along with a lot of it's fans) in favour of becoming a sort of Suicide Girl lads mag (which lets face it still sounds f**king awesome) hundreds of people still wrote with comments of weeping and gushing (giggidy) with words of heartbreak and loss and even couples who claimed they met due to the 'No. 1 Alternative Magazine'. Men reminiscing of coming of age *ahem* to the magazine, girls who discovered they could be seriously sexy by being as 'weird' as they liked and all the people, genders and sexual orientations you can imagine it's clear that it still holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts.

You had me at 'Real life Tentacle Sex'
From me and all the other freaks and weirdos thank you so much for all the hard work that you guys and girls at Bizarre Magazine HQ put into creating this fantastic magazine...I envision a huge increase in the value of past issues and the reemergence of the printed magazine in years to come when everyone's realised how nice it is to actually read something tangible. Until then, you will be sorely missed.

We love you Bizarre!

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kitten Skyes tips for the empowered submissive.

General tips for an empowered submissive

So I thought I would write some tips on how to stay empowered and safe as a submissive, mainly aimed at new submissives but quite generally applicable. These come from my own experience on the Fetish scene and that of the people around me. Everyone plays in a different way and I'm not preaching but here are a few things I think every submissive should know. Which things would you add to the list? Anything you disagree with? Let me know in the comments section.

-Ask as many questions as you like to the Dominant before you decide to meet or play with them, this does not make you a bad submissive this allows you to feel secure.

-Ask others on the scene about the Dominants past and their safety whenever and wherever possible.

-Share and communicate with other subs regarding the safety of other Dominants.

-If meeting a new Dominant to play for the first time always have a safety measure in place ie: taking someone with you, someone expecting your call etc.

-Make sure someone outside of the play knows where you are.

-You are not less important than the person you are choosing to submit to. You are allowing them to act out an exciting role play activity WITH you and anyone who can't see that is a dangerous person to play with. There is no Dominant without a submissive.

-Know yourself, know how far you can go, know how much after care you need and communicate it clearly.

-Read as much on the subject of BDSM as possible, specifically safety, psychology and subdrop - knowledge is most definitely power.

-Understand your fetishes and where they come from. Acknowledge and accept them, accept who you are and enjoy it. This is a process and until then you may suffer from feelings of guilt and shame which are natural but not exactly fun.

-Find ways you can help yourself to feel better during subdrop, hot baths, exercise, writing - whatever it is don't rely solely on the Dominant to help you through it.

-Write out a list of all the things you like, the things you don't like and the things you would never do (hard limits) it doesn't matter if you only like one thing and have 10 hard limits, none of this makes you a bad submissive.


-Always play with a safeword, never feel like you can't use this at any time. You are there by choice and if you decide you don't want to continue at any point the play should stop.

Be wary of "Dominants" who seem overly against any of the above.

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Confessions

So been a few days since my last confess...I mean blog post. Been doing lots of exciting things, getting to know the Dungeon Bar, promoting it, meeting with some great people and taking some time to revel a little in the respect that comes from running the raunchiest venue in town. Last night I had some pre launch party drinks with friends both old and new turning up to marvel at all of our equipment and toys. The revolving bondage wheel was a big hit with everyone wanting me to strap them in and give them a sensational one was brave enough to try out the slave toilet although I saw a few eyeing it up with a glint in their eyes.

All of our equipment comes from world famous
Fetish company Fetters

It was great to see BDSM safety educator, kink news blogger and author of The Book of Filthy Sex Games Jackson Rocco, good looking and charming in equal measure who came down to see all we have to offer. I'm looking forward to discussing some business ideas with him soon. You can download his educational book of kink which got rave reviews here.

The Book Of Filthy Sex Games

Dragarazzi de Jonge successful photographer "renowned for her beautiful and fascinating portraits of glamorous transsexuals in New York and London" also came down and was chatting away excitedly about her new book about relationships 'It Ain't All Chocolate and Roses...A Guide to More Satisfactory Dates' out later this year...With an incredible list of superstars in her portfolio including Dita Von Teese, Blondie and Marilyn Manson I was more than a little complimented when she asked to do a photoshoot with me in the future. Watch this space...

Flyer for one of Dragarazzi's Private Views.
Thank you to everyone who came down, I had so much fun showing everyone the Dungeon Bars equipment and seeing everyone enjoying using it. I look forward to next weekend when I get to do it all over again.

I love my job.

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye

Thursday, 8 January 2015

I only went and got myself a Dungeon.

I am so excited to announce that I am now the proud new owner of the Dungeon Bar in Brighton. As of tomorrow I will be running the show and ensuring it gets the notoriety it deserves. Amazing venue
for all your Fetish party dreams. With everything from spanking benches, revolving wheels, gynecological couches and rubber straight jackets it's got everything any self respecting Fetishist could dream of. 

Situated in the center of Brighton the UK's hub of sexual energy, Fetish desires and filled with open minded hedonists both experienced and curious, it couldn't be a better location to come and fulfill all your darkest fantasies or to hold your naughty themed parties with the possibility of actual play for those who are feeling brave enough.

Image from here.

There is a kinky hotel right above the Dungeon so why not stay for a long weekend of sex and submission by the sea?

Photo by Anon101 for the last fantastic Brighton Fetish Weekend,
next one in April

As above

For all booking or general enquiries you can email me on

Kitten Kisses
Kitten Skye