Monday, 19 January 2015

An ode to the Bizarre!

So a few days ago Bizarre magazine announced that after almost two decades of publications the next issue out in February will sadly be the last. It's immediate success after it's release in 1997 saw it peaking in 2000 with 120,000 sales but then declining to just 30,000 later that year. With multiple changing of hands it's been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least.

P.S: I stole that information of Wikipedia so seriously don't use it in an essay or anything...and if you're procrastinating by reading my blog?? Two thumbs up. 

The first cover of Bizarre magazine out April 1997.

Bizarre magazine has been a hub of all things weird and alternative for nearly two decades, it delved into subject matter other media hid under a carpet like an ever growing pile of gold it refused to acknowledge existed. - Insert politically charged anti-government analogy here. - The British magazine covered every subculture around from stories on Fetish, LGBQT, Gothic, Tatts and piercings, political problems and rights for all these minorities and some just downright gross and creepy stories - always my personal favourite of course, they created a wonderful community for all the self confessed weirdos around.

Daddy, I want (to be) a pony.

Although the magazine lost a lot of it's darker and most interesting content in recent years (along with a lot of it's fans) in favour of becoming a sort of Suicide Girl lads mag (which lets face it still sounds f**king awesome) hundreds of people still wrote with comments of weeping and gushing (giggidy) with words of heartbreak and loss and even couples who claimed they met due to the 'No. 1 Alternative Magazine'. Men reminiscing of coming of age *ahem* to the magazine, girls who discovered they could be seriously sexy by being as 'weird' as they liked and all the people, genders and sexual orientations you can imagine it's clear that it still holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts.

You had me at 'Real life Tentacle Sex'
From me and all the other freaks and weirdos thank you so much for all the hard work that you guys and girls at Bizarre Magazine HQ put into creating this fantastic magazine...I envision a huge increase in the value of past issues and the reemergence of the printed magazine in years to come when everyone's realised how nice it is to actually read something tangible. Until then, you will be sorely missed.

We love you Bizarre!

Kitten Kisses
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  1. Good write up,shame everything good comes to an end. Two4fun69 x